Date: 5th October 2018 at 11:05am
Written by:

Davinson Sanchez

Due to some self inflicted technical issues this is a day late, but still worth consideration, nevertheless. 

One could not help but notice more than a little vitriol aimed at our noble Colombian online, which I found curious, especially as I watched the game sober!

So I did some digging.

We’ve seen the influence graphic, and Sanchez is arguably the most prominent of our players.

In fact, he and Trippier were our only two that were close to being as influential as most of Barcelona were.

Then we look at accuracy of passing.

Sanchez hit 87.9%, only Harry Winks passed with greater accuracy.

But did our #6 lose the ball, much?

Nope, the villains of that particular piece were a lot easier to spot.

Davies was poor and Moura was again, busy but unproductive.

Another pet stat area for me, right up there with passing accuracy is ball recovery.

This is a discipline that showcases the players you can rely upon. The soldiers.

Top of the tree we see our three most influential players. Davinson, Toby and the boy Tripps.

Also to Sanchez’ credit, he wasn’t dispossessed once.

More please!