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?Analysis: Kane vs Spain [video]

By The Boy -

The golden boots didn’t work.

The best way to sum up Kane’s performance last night against Spain was busy, but fruitless.

It’s important to understand that Spain were the superior side at Wembley, so this is not an individual attack on Harry; rather this is by way of explanation.


24:15 Kane connects but insufficiently to get any danger into the ball.


26:33 Dele Alli makes a great run into acres of space, and pushes through a superb ball, which Kane mistimes.


80:08 Rashford’s shot ricochets out; Kane gets the connection but bot the angle.


Away from the goal it was also a mixed bag for the boy.

Harry made more challenges than any other England player (note that the top three terriers were all Spurs players).


On the downside, Kane and Trippier lost the ball more than anyone else, but this stat needs to be framed.

As per my opening remarks, Spain were the better side overall and I would rather see a player lose the ball than never have it in the first place and contribute absolutely nothing to the game.



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