Date: 16th May 2018 at 2:22pm
Written by:

Yesterday residents of Tottenham thwarted an unlawful eviction attempt at the New Chances community centre. This is an account of what we witnessed, and information we have gathered from our contacts in the wider community.

One of the absentee landlords that owns our community centre, recently instructed a West Indian man named W**** to take control of the building and change the locks. W**** was misled into believing that the landlords had obtained a Warrant to evict the service users of the community centre. In fact the landlords only have a Possession Order, obtained at a hearing in early March 2018. W**** showed up at the community centre today (morning of Tuesday 15 May 2018), with two of his sons and a locksmith.

They knocked on the door of long-time domestic tenant and resident security Adam, informing him that he is being evicted. They told him they were going to change the locks and kick him out. They made threats of violence. When Adam refused to move, they called the police to help them.

Ten or so police showed up and eventually informed W**** that the documents he had were not sufficient to enforce an eviction. Numerous local residents mobilised to support Adam in the face of the cops and these rogue agents of the landlord. By 11:30am the police and W***** and his entourage were gone. The building remains in the hands of local service users who are organising to rehabilitate their community centre.

It is alarming and unacceptable that the landlords think they have the right to send people to harass Adam in this way. The Possession Order obtained back in March is only for the non-residential part of the building.

As there is no one living in that part, it is unclear who they intend to evict. Adam has his own eviction proceedings ongoing, with a court hearing coming up in late May. The landlords seem to think they can preempt this hearing and evict Adam without going through the lawfully correct procedure.

The hearing for a possession order against Adam is at 2pm Wednesday 30th May at the Edmonton County Court.

Please support Adam in court on the 30th. Also please contact the landlords and tell them not to evict our brother.