Date: 2nd December 2012 at 3:51pm
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Good evening.

I watched the game, but that doesn’t stop the synapses in my brain running a small delay like a long distance satellite bounce as it queries the 0-3 when it pops up after the event.

The first half was pretty dismal. The second far less so. Plenty of people jumping for headers, throw ins, shin-offs and bumping into each other. It was like when we first used to fall for those Championship games because of the slick build up but 5 or 6 minutes in you were wondering if there was anything nice kicking about in the fridge. Does the dog fancy a extra walk?

It sounds mad, but the truth is Fulham really were poor and we were really only better because we put 3 past them. But that’s pretty much the bones of it. If true, is this a cause for concern? Short answer is no. Why? 3 points, thank you very much – don’t wrap it I’ll ride it. Long answer is also no, but for an entirely more reassuring reason.

Moussa Dembélé is back but unsurprisingly running on half steam. Sandro is trying his damnedest not to die on us each game and sorely needs to be rotated when Parker returns. Having Moussa with him was preferable to Thudd, but the poor old horse has been Redschnapped. Or run into the floor as it is more widely known.

Our defense is in ribbons. The absence of Kaboul and Benny have been wounding. Walker has been sectioned and Gallas is pretty sure he can still remember where he lives but would prefer not to drive. Cailker and Naughton are both giving it a good go and Jan keeps telling himslef this won’t always be like this. Dawson being down doesn’t help either.

So winning ugly as it has been phrased is something we’re not used to, but right now we should embrace. Not adopt, but certainly put up with a graciously as possible while things on the physio table improve and we can make to January and with any luck drop a few quid on some fresh meat.

Anyone expecting more at this stage needs to start looking at what other people are doing and I don’t mean Real Madrid. We aren’t going to win any awards with the performances we’re churning out – but churning when you’re in the situation we’re in is nothing to be ashamed of.

Bale worries me. Was he fouled? Who knows or cares. What is important is you need to play the game. I don’t mean ‘Association Football’, I mean the game with the referees. If he was clipped then the theatrics afterward killed the legitimacy of the claim. That doesn’t make sense, it’s not fair, but that’s the way of things.

This sarcastic clapping business doesn’t sit well with me and a more anal official on a bad day would have rewarded his Mr Funny routine with an early bath. Yes we know he’s travelling at speed, yes we know there are those that want to kick him or nudge him a bit to put him off. But he needs to man up and stop acting as if he has some diplomatic immunity to these things.

I’m not calling him a diver, but I am stating categorically that he is incredibly naive. If he thinks this ‘situation’ is one he can manipulate then he’s a fool. All he can do is negotiate his way through it. Is that completely fair? No, but life isn’t boo hoo hoo.

Dempsey was better again, Defoe did what he does and again I’m not moaning but anyone who thinks he’s a superstar asks for less from their strikers than a punter at a Weight Watchers convention ask for at the buffet. Villas-Boas is playing a dangerous game here but not because he’s a tactical rebel – because he has no other options! Defoe offers pretty close to nothing when he isn’t turning, pinging and scoring. In fact what he mostly offers is turning, pining and wincing.

Ade is apparently not going to Togo. How simply thrilling. How absorbing. Maybe we can get some value for money out him. That is unless he has nothing more pressing lined up? I hope the idiocy of his well earned red has permeated his altruistic head and he’s ready to start playing some football for us at long last.

4th and all about us clubs imploding. Not too shabby.

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    Bradford never implode