Date: 25th October 2016 at 3:53pm
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Given the gaffer has turned this into an open mic night, I expect to see this turn into a fresh meat festival.

Quite how wise a strategy this might be, playing a Liverpool team in form is anyone’s guess.


To add perspective, this is a game that Klopp is likely to use to re-blood the time waster that is Daniel Sturridge. I don’t care for Sturridge at all, but this is precisely the sort of game he’ll score some lame goal in, and use it boost his case to Klopp.

I genuinely hope that I’m pleasantly surprised by tonight’s game.¬†Unfortunately for you and me dear reader, I approach watching a football match a bit like being recommended a movie, my first response is invariably ‘who’s in it?’

So are you a realist who agrees with using this cup as a talent showcase, or are you a grumpy arse that still has aspirations of winning something again before we all die?

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