Date: 12th July 2018 at 1:49pm
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It turns out that I don’t have some an agenda against Dele Alli – lots of people agree with me – he is a fraud.

Graham Souness has forgotten more about football that most people know.

“I come back to Lingard and Dele Alli – two players who want to get on the end of things after there has been clever play by somebody else. Lingard had a night to forget against Croatia. They don’t want to get involved in keeping the ball and dominating possession. They want to be involved in scoring the goals and getting on the end of things.”

So in a nutshell, doesn’t join in unless there’s a chance to nip in and pinch a goal.

However this dating appraisal was incredibly mild compared to fans that took to social media to vent.

Overrated, sh*te, worse than Jack Wilshere, incapable of placing a pass, and generally infuriating.

The highlight of Dele’s performance was banking upon the match officials making sure he didn’t get beaten up after squaring up to Ivan Rakitic.

It would be interesting to see what treatment Dele would get in a club that had more breath to it’s playing personnel.

Being ‘the man that keeps Luca Moura on the bench’, is not an accolade to dine out on.

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