Europa Cup

Panathinaikos The Pre Match Prattle

Panathinaikos The Pre Match Prattle

Good morning,

The Bubbles indoors tomorrow and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, one time doyens of Europe are unbeaten the competition this term. Stone me. This could be mistaken in a bad light for ‘a run’.

And just like a lot of those gangster rap videos, there are a number of huge buts. But – we’ve played some less than breathtaking, functional football. But – we only need a draw. But – we have Everton on Sunday. So who do we select to play? The picks above I think cover all the bases but I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll tell me if I’ve got it wrong.

Bale’s hamstring is a worry. I’m no physio but that’s not a rub down with the ol’ magic sponge job. I’d be amazed if he’s back for Swansea. More likely Stoke.

Predictions? A 2-niller thriller would be nice. You know, … it’s a bit chilly out and we don’t want the season ticket holders in the Paxton throwing lit programmes onto the pitch.

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Europa Cup

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