Date: 10th July 2017 at 11:15am
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Oh dear.

Once we peel past all sea-lion fans hoping at the fact that these players haven’t died in their sleep, is this an admission that have perviously lied to us about Erik Lamela’s alleged training sessions?

Additionally does this mean that Lamela is ready to train properly at long last?

There’s a gulf in difference between turning up – and turning up being of any damn use to the team.

As ever with the Spurs’ player/fan relationship, we have form for shall we say considerably ‘romanticising’ the worth of players that have been out for a while. And Erik Lamela has been out for a while.

No surprise that Lam-Lam is the first face on the line up.

Wait for the ‘this is just like a new signing’ pitch from the club. When is he going to train with the rest of the team? When is he going to be ready to play Premier League football again?

It’s July and soon will be August. From August it’s a mere hop and skip to October.

You know that old joke when someone says that they’ve been married for 20 years – that they could have been done for murder and been out by now?

By October he’ll have been out so long, he could have been banned for a year for substance abuse. Thank goodness that isn’t the case and I for one eagerly look forward to his imminent return which the above Tweet clearly implies.

  • JuandeInternational July 10, 2017 at 8:08 pm

    TBH I’m a bit beyond caring when it comes to Lamela. Granted he’s improved somewhat since first joining, but if he comes back then he owes us a long period of real impact. A record at Roma of 1 in 3 doesn’t compare well to 1 in 10 at Spurs.

    • JuandeInternational July 10, 2017 at 8:12 pm

      Correction 1 in 6, but if he becomes a regular again should be set a tough target of double figures for the season.

  • Jim,Newry Spur. July 10, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    Welcome back Erik, will be like a new signing, like Sissoko, he will be like a new signing too, seeing as he did f#ck all last season. Janssen , another new signing. That’s three new players.

    • Harry Hotspur July 10, 2017 at 5:27 pm

      Don’t laugh – this is exactly what Levy is telling Poch before he explains to him we were overmanned and we need to sell a couple of players…

  • Lbanu July 10, 2017 at 1:40 pm

    If Lamela can remain fully fit he’ll revert to being a Pochettino first team player. He’s exactly the sort of player that suits the team playing Pochettino’s type of football. That’s not going to change. He’ll always have his detractors but that matters not for the vast majority of Tottenham supporters will welcome him back with open arms. No player has demonstrated more willingness to work his socks off over ninety minutes and his efforts have consistently been spirited and motivating for the team. He is reliable and a player who can lift Tottenham to higher levels as his determination and his tenacity combined with an inherent confidence in his own abilities bring a more experienced, ambitious and bigheartedness into play. Pochettio and his staff are well aware of the influence this particular player can make throughout the season on the team’s competitiveness. He’ll be picked right side initially at least attempting to work with Trippier who himself will be encouraged by the prospect of having Lamela on his side. Trippier is a much more intelligent player as an attacking full back than Walker has been but he’ll likely require protection in defense. Should Walker depart and Trippier hold that position, expect to see both players perform together in an entirely new way with different attacking options from the right side. He’s a strong aggressive player who supports attacks and breaks well finding good positions from across the pitch and his contributions are rightly admired and respected. Let’s hope he can get fully fit for he has undoubted potential to succeed at high levels and would be much sought after by top teams across Europe should he ever be shown encouragement to move on. I trust Pochettino knows just how valuable Lamela can become for his project and that he will become a very important player for him at Tottenham next season and beyond.

    • gloster1861 July 10, 2017 at 4:22 pm

      Hello Erik.

  • gloster1861 July 10, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    Any news on Danny Rose being able to train? Hopefully Harry Winks is 100 per cent, and plays in the US.

    • mattspurs July 10, 2017 at 1:56 pm

      On Rose they seem pretty quiet – that said Rose picks up a fair few injuries. He’s actually played less than Lamela over the last 4 seasons.

  • AccringtonSpurs July 10, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Love the way THFC PR team always pair a revered player with a player who is in need of some good PR. The above is a double whammy of Janssen and Lamela (in need, perhaps) with Jan and Toby (revered).

    Last season they had a video of Eriksen saying he normally sits next to Sissoko on the coach. And so on…

  • gloster1861 July 10, 2017 at 11:54 am

    Lamela to all intents and purposes wasn’t part of the squad which finished second. Whilst he was playing our form was pretty indifferent, lots of draws and dropped points.

    The guy needs to fight to be anywhere near the bench IMHO.

    • Dan Bramley July 10, 2017 at 11:55 am

      I agree, he battles hard and I can remember a few lovely assists. But he also tends to give the ball away quite a lot. Which isn’t really a trait shared with any other member of our starting 11 (bar the standard bonzo brain fart)

      • AccringtonSpurs July 10, 2017 at 11:56 am


      • modricbigtoe July 10, 2017 at 12:23 pm

        heee nooo goood

      • mattspurs July 10, 2017 at 12:38 pm

        His passing % was 80% last season – same as Eriksen and 1% below Alli and Son. Way above Kane’s at 72%.

        • gloster1861 July 10, 2017 at 1:09 pm

          This shows how weak stats can be. No doubt Kane was operating mostly deep in opposition territory and surrounded by defenders ready to cut out his passes. You can’t compare his stats to a deeper lying player.

          • mattspurs July 10, 2017 at 1:34 pm

            Ok – but even taking Kane out, Lamela’s possession stats don’t stand up as being worse than any other attacking player do they?

    • mattspurs July 10, 2017 at 12:47 pm

      We didn’t lose a PL game with him in the team last season

      • Dan Bramley July 10, 2017 at 12:58 pm

        The passing % was over how many games for each player?

        Also we don’t tend to lose many games at all nowadays. Your second point is not particularly special.

        Did you know we didn’t lose a single PL home game when Lloris, trippier, walker, wimmer, rose, alderweireld, vertonghen, dier, dele, eriksen, onomah, dembele, wanyama, janssen, Kane, vorm, n’koudou, sissoko, winks and even lamela were playing.

        • mattspurs July 10, 2017 at 1:39 pm

          Passing stats were over the season for everybody. Lamela simply doesn’t give the ball away more than anybody else. The season before his stats were almost identical. If anybody was guilty of giving the ball away it was Alli.

          • Dan Bramley July 10, 2017 at 2:03 pm

            It’s not just passing, Lamela was dispossessed an average of 2.3 times per PL game. Kane at 1.6 and eriksen at 1.4

  • Dan Bramley July 10, 2017 at 11:44 am

    If he’s ready to train with the first team I’m actually a bit annoyed that today is the first day we are seeing him, he should have been in throughout June trying to build his fitness, can’t expect him to be on the same level as the rest of the squad. See you in November Erik.

    And knowing Spurs, if he had been training through the summer to build his fitness, spurs would have announced. They would probably have even tried to sell tickets to watch him train and t-shirts with his face on it.

    • gloster1861 July 10, 2017 at 11:47 am

      He’s been on his bicycle and playing with outsized elastic bands. What more should we expect?

      • Dan Bramley July 10, 2017 at 11:52 am

        “Erik, its Poch, haven’t heard from you in a while, are you coming in today?”

        “Hi MoPo, yea sorry….I’ve been umm swimming to keep my fitness up. Still not really feeling that great though actually. Might be in tomorrow though”

        “Right….ok…..its just today is the first day of pre-season training. It’s going to be pretty chilled, just re-introduction, Toby has some holiday photos to show us from his week in Rhyl and then we are going to decide who’s next to who on the plane to America. You can bring a toy”

        “Ok I reckon I could probably do that”

  • gloster1861 July 10, 2017 at 11:44 am

    If a player does get a ban for substance abuse, is their club obliged to pay their full wages? It could be taken as gross negligence and a breach of contract, and as such maybe are subject to a severe penalty?

  • Steve Marks July 10, 2017 at 11:36 am

    He wasn’t very good when fit, who would he replace?

  • Double A July 10, 2017 at 11:35 am

    Ha ha, So much cynicism for one so young……… 😉

  • Horndog July 10, 2017 at 11:30 am

    I am liking that Vinnie, Verts and especially Tobias are all smiling.

    • AccringtonSpurs July 10, 2017 at 11:49 am

      Good to see Tobes giving the thumbs up.

    • gloster1861 July 10, 2017 at 11:51 am

      No smiling from Lamela. Grouchy sod, is he sad that his nine month sabattical is over?

  • AccringtonSpurs July 10, 2017 at 11:26 am

    This news makes me sad.

    • AccringtonSpurs July 10, 2017 at 11:26 am

      The news about his imminent return, that is.

      • mattspurs July 10, 2017 at 11:39 am

        Surely he’s better than Sissoko?
        Previous seasons he was better than Son?
        He may not walk straight back into the first 11 but he 100% improves our bench and options.

        Roy Keane got injured in 97 and played less games than Lamela did last season. Next season he came back and United went on to win the treble with him as captain.

        • AccringtonSpurs July 10, 2017 at 11:43 am

          I can’t stand his style of play. He’s not as good as he thinks he is. We need decent and dangerous attackers, not workhorses who ride invisible penny farthings.

          Glad you have a different opinion, though. It keeps the blog interesting.

          • mattspurs July 10, 2017 at 12:44 pm

            Much like Dier last season, Lamela the season before was the player who was instrumental in our tactical flexibility. Last season when we finished 2nd people were labelling Dier as rubbish despite him playing around 50 games.

            I think the real problem with Erik is that people thought he was going to come in and be some kind of Ronaldo like player when in reality he’s a bit more of a skilful Robbie Savage in terms of playing style.

  • mattspurs July 10, 2017 at 11:22 am

    I think those hospital shots a couple of months ago used to cover up the ‘truth’ were particularly creative

    • gloster1861 July 10, 2017 at 11:46 am

      They were merely flushing out the shit from his system.