Mauricio Pochettino ITK

Mauricio Pochettino ITK

Good afternoon glory glory-holers; good news from yonder ITK whore Gladys.

That piece in Sport which claimed that the gaffer held a SECRET a meeting with Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu at a restaurant in Barcelona?

This report pivots on your definition of ‘secret’.

Anyone know what I had for breakfast this morning? It happened to be a sausage sandwich made with Waitrose organic ground up and seasoned dead pig and gentle splosh of Ballymaloe Relish.

That was something that none of you knew, but was it really a secret, really? No it wasn’t.

Poch did have a bite to eat with Bartomeu and this is to be no more feared than the bite he also had to eat with Slur Alex that time in old London town.

Poch is going nowhere right now – he’s staying at Spurs – boom boom.


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