Date: 6th October 2017 at 10:14am
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As per the recent Gladys tip in relation to Man City’s interest in Eric Dier, the Daily Mail‘s reheated TV dinner of a piece today about Ross Barkley is a little off-beam.

Yes of course there was Chelsea interest in ross Barkley, but as some of you found particularly awkward in digesting, the interest cooled around the same time that boy went under the knife. Chelsea were actively on the hunt for an immediate starter in the summer and young Ross’ need for surgery made him a nonstarter for Conte & Co.

There was no medical, whoever the fat bloke in a suit from the Everton board was that came out and said there was got it wrong. Gladys confirmed he was wrong and then a day or two later Barkley confirmed the old boy was wrong.

City are very keen on Dier and will exert pressure by getting involved in the bidding for Barkley. For one, they find him appealing and for two the cat is out of the bag and everybody knows that Pochettino wants the lad at Spurs.

Will Chelsea come back in? My guess is that their moment has passed here. Barkley will be healed, but will not have played for months. A cynic would say that’s precisely the type of player Spurs specialise in these days.

Erik Pamela is 25.