Date: 7th December 2012 at 3:54pm
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Good morning.

The new site is so close you can almost taste use it. Hopefully we’ ll be in shape for Everton. Maybe we won’t. Oh the uncertainty, it may just eat us all alive.

This weekend throws up some very interesting fixtures and and for those of you who like to slow down to get a good look at nasty accidents on motorways you could well be in for a treat or two.

First up we have Arsenal facing West Brom. In years gone by this game would largely consist of the Baggies fans trouping into nation’s capital to get hand over 3 points before purchasing such objet d’art as a Beefeater doll in a plastic tube and a seeing if a Wimpy tasted any different when served by a cockney. But fings ain’t what they used to be and West Brom sit 5th and not by chance.

Arsenal seem to be a one stop shop for bickering and niggling these days. Many want shot of Aunty Wenger but the real question is, ‘who are they going to replace him with?’ The last name to be bandied about was Owen ‘Barclays Premier League’ Coyle which is chilling. The other plan is to blow £50m or similar on some messianic superstar who will win them the League and much much more. I firmly believe football club boardrooms should have guards with machine guns on the doors to ensure fans never get in. Prediction 2-2.

Villa play Stoke. Which is nice.

Southampton vs Reading will be a lively affair and this may well produce a half decent game of football. Both are in a world of relegation trouble but without being in any way patronizing neither outfit are rubbish. They’ve just found themselves a bit out of their depth. Reading’s most recent form is the worst of the pair but you can argue they faced tougher teams. Prediction 1-2.

Sunderland host Chelsea and for the second Rubbernecker’s Delight. The Blue Racists are linked with another new manager this morning. At their midweek game the team came out to sighs and sneers. One wag was apparently heard to bellow, ‘Waiter, more bread table four – hurry!’ at Rafa.

The Black Cats are in a miserable rut. Martin O’Neil has manage to equal the dismal form of Steve Bruce when Bruce was binned and they sit fourth from bottom. The only thing that may prevent them slipping further into the smelly stuff is the fact the mob below them look incapable of fighting their way out of a wet paper bag. Prediction 2-2.

Swansea play Norwich and while this is unlikely to be the most beautiful game to watch both team’s supporters have had memorable seasons. Both lost their managers and both are very close to having the last laugh. Prediction 1-2.

Wigan vs QPR or so they say. Last week Arry bagged a point and the press couldn’t resist cooing. He needs to win 10 of his remaining games and no amount of ‘triffcs’ in the world can put a spin on that. I’ll keep saying it because it’s worth repeating – some amongst us actually wanted Martinez to manage Spurs. Yet again Wigan approach Christmas hovering over the relegation zone. If Arry can get 3 points up there, fair play to him. I hope he doesn’t, but fair play if he does. Only 27 left to get. Prediction 1-1.

Manchester City vs Manchester United will be interesting if not a masterclass. A stat that won’t shock anyone is that United lead the late goals board having scored 8 times after the 75th minute. So City need to make sure they are ready to play for at least 95 minutes. This game could be ridiculously open. United are shipping in an incredible quantity of goals. And Van Persie looks like he’s been playing for them for years. Prediction 3-4.

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