Date: 12th July 2018 at 10:04am
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There was a brilliantly awful piece in the Guardian before the Croatia game.

A gushing interview with Dele Alli who said he was looking forward to nutmegging Luka Modric.

It is this tinpot mentality that keeps Alli in his place.

Which is an inauthentic footballer who when pushed, can turn it on for approximately 30 minutes in any one game.

Southgate may have got half an hour out of him in total in Russia, who either knows or cares?

Dele is an unconvincing midfielder at the best of times, and his recurring save form grace is nipping in and scoring the odd goal, just as our collective blood pressure is about to burst a vital organ.

When he’s not being ineffectual, he’s cheating and falling over with a look of faux confusion on his face.

He doesn’t defend and his attacking is marred with repeatedly losing control of the ball.

Of course Alli apologists who remarkably, are legion will be quick to tell you about his injury.

To quote a wise man, ‘well he didn’t look very injured, he just looked useless’.

Beyond the cretinous finger trick handshakes there’s fundamentally no substance – much like his faked handbags routine – something about meat and a butcher’s pencil springs to mind.

Alli, Lingard and Sterling are all pretenders.

Footballing pseuds.

If you disagree, the good news is Pochettino views him as undroppable.

The bad news is that you cannot can’t substantiate your counterclaim with anything coherent.

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