From INSIDE The New Build: Part Two

From INSIDE The New Build: Part Two

The following was posted on the Skyscraper City forum and provides extensive detail about the new build. Detail which is otherwise not in the public domain.

I wont provide a conventional link on the basis I believe that the person who chose to open their heart has almost certainly broken confidentiality agreements made to THFC.

However I will publish it in this place because that’s their business, not mine. I never signed anything.


The longest bar in a European sports venue (80m) will be in the South Stand atrium; unsure of how this would work properly (I forgot to ask), but assume it bends round into the GA areas of East and West stands.

The brewery will be located in the South stand and the plan is not only to brew a specific craft beer (unfortunately there is already a Hopspur!!) but they will also brew the stadium beer partners beer; i.e. if Heineken are the official beer supplier then Heineken will be brewed on site and under license.

They are doing some very cool things with local suppliers, such as the left over produce from the brewing is going to a local farm, to be used as pig food, who will then supply us with meat (largely pigs).

The Skywalk looks amazing! The current plan is that you will be harnessed in, much like the O2 dome walk. You can walk over the South Stand roof and look down at the pitch through the clear parts of the roof. There are also plans for you to then abseil down the South stand into the public square.

There are currently investigating whether to install a Spider Cam or not, however this is likely to be only for NFL games and will be removed for football games.

The on-site bakery will only supply baked goods for the corporate areas, other food will be brought in.

The grass pitch can be stored for up to 5 days as it will be fully serviced with water, air ventilation and grow lights. They’ve done this so that they can host concerts over the weekends.

They are expecting up to 15 non-football events per year; no-one I spoke to knew whether this was non “soccer” or non-football including NFL (Ed:  Permission is granted for up to 16 non THFC related events per year of over 10k captivity, no more than 6 of which can be music concerts).

The naming partner is not yet known at any level in the club, so all rumours of who it will be are purely conjecture at this point.

The main TV gantry is in the East stand, at the front of the upper tier, with a further TV gantry in the West stand alongside the commentary boxes. Naturally there will be further camera spots around the stadium and this was a key consideration given the NFL involvement.

There’s a mock up of the GA toilets which I haven’t seen, although a friend has, and his comment was “nicest toilets I’ve ever seen in a sporting venue”. There is also a mock up of a food outlet which looks very stylish (think I photo has been circulated on here previously).

The shop will feature a scanning system via an app on your phone, whereby you scan the items as you walk around the store and automatically pay as you exit; a similar idea to the Waitrose system.

Anyone can access the home atrium in the South stand with a home ticket.

There is a shortlist of hotel partners for the 4/5* hotel, most likely a large US brand such as Hilton or Marriott.

Family section has not been locked down, but is likely to be in the north stand upper, although there are concerns of locating families close to the away fans.

The hard hat tour area which will be opened up shortly is just a viewing platform in the north stand 4th floor, the views are great but you can’t really see into the internals of the stadium.


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