From INSIDE The New Build: Part One

From INSIDE The New Build: Part One

The following was posted on the Skyscraper City forum and provides extensive detail about the new build. Detail which is otherwise not in the public domain.

I wont provide a conventional link on the basis I believe that the person who chose to open their heart has almost certainly broken confidentiality agreements made to THFC.

However I will publish it in this place because that’s their business, not mine. I never signed anything.


The club are already starting to strip out White Hart Lane and will remove all non-essential materials/items prior to the Man United game.

The demolition is currently timetabled for 48 hours after the United game ends (Ed:  to begin, not end also the waste management people have been told to remove their bins within 12 hours of the finish of the the United game as the space is required for demolition vehicles).

Expect to see demolition equipment parked at the holding area from just before the United game (this should be our biggest indication as to whether was I was told is correct).

There is internal debate as to whether they can remove the seats individually to sell to season ticket holders, this is currently considered unlikely as although the club would love to do this it will delay the demolition.

There are currently 700 people working on the site during the week and 300 at weekends.

The build is on schedule, this was confirmed by three separate sources who work in both the office and the build site, including two persons who were at a high level management meeting recently which confirmed the build is on schedule.

I think this has been rebutted already, but there is no way that Levy will open the stadium partially complete. This is his baby and he wants a grand opening, there is absolutely no way he’ll allow a single screw to not be fully screwed down, let alone a quarter of the stadium still not complete

There were concerns about the financing of the stadium, but more so in respect to the cost and not regarding whether we could source financing or not. These have now been resolved (refer The Times article).

Interestingly no one would divulge any information regarding the build of the roof, not sure if they didn’t know anything about it (unlikely) or maybe I’d asked too many questions by that point…

The player accommodation block at the training ground (do not call it a hotel!!!) is part of the NFL tie up and we will offer it to visiting teams, particularly European teams.

Each screen is the size of a tennis court and will be high definition.


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