Date: 12th July 2018 at 8:32am
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Here’s the good news. 

Gladys believes that Eriksen and Dele have agreed new deals.

Believe it or don’t, Glad understands that the club want the new shirts etc on sale to maximise the commercial impact.

Here’s the rest of the news.

I recently published this blog drawing the clear parallels between England and Spurs.

As per another blog drawing similar parallels between the Arsenal business model and Tottenham’s some last year, neither drew much traffic.

The truth doesn’t sell.

I put this down to the manner in which football is aggregated, combined with the unrelentingly conveyor belt of dumb dumb fans who prefer fantasy to reality.

England desperately needed an Eriksen, a Modric or a Carrick.

No coincidence that all three of those players have been cruelly under-appreciated by vast swathes of our fans.

Instead we have this perpetual, baseless adoration for Dele Alli and an equally bantam weight cast of players who in real life couldn’t hold down a job on the tills at Asda.

Onomah, Edwards and now Jack Grealish joins the chorus-line of style over substance merchants.

England (as prophesied by yours truly) were beaten by the first good team they played.

Southgate’s inane decision to play a weakened side against Belgium was infinitely Poch-Like in its obtuse daftness.

Where are Spurs now?

Where they always are at this time of year.

Running out of excuses waiting for the Bald Weirdo to work his nickel and dime magic.

I’m concerned about the HertYid itk (threatening multiple exits) simply because he’s been around forever and is ordinarily conservative in his contributions.

Yes we’ve some junk on the books, but colossal change is always chaotic.

For those that assert that there is work busily underway behind the scenes, I would ask this.

If this intense industry is of any merit, how come the only links in the world’s press are with more Eurotrash?

Is this to be the first window where we don’t hear anything about any of the signings?

This is far too ambitious to believe.

Dembele is gone.

Sissoko is worthless.

The jury is still out on Victor.

Winks is the answer, really?

Spurs lack a playmaker.

You heard it here last.

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